Production Manager

February 6, 2019

PMO Director

October 2, 2016


President / CEO

MDM Consulting, LLC


2015 – 2018

Veteran Project Management Consultant and IV&V Expert with vast & diverse experience of 27 years, spanning 13 industries in both the private & government sectors. Successful projects undertaken during this time include working with States to provide and guide strategy for Medicaid MMIS / Eligibility and Enrollment projects and managing matrixed teams. Additional ongoing State projects include managing emergency repairs to severely devastated Louisiana Flood victim homes under the Louisiana Shelter in Homes Program.


Medicaid/MMIS and Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Provide Management of PMO offices.
  • Establish new PMO offices using standardized project management methodologies.
  • Revamp existing PMO offices to improve efficiencies.
  • Support programs within existing PMO offices.
  • Provide independent oversight for projects.
  • Risk identification and remediation.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancement and implement improvements.
  • Proven leader with decisive decision making skills.
  • Conflict resolution management.
  • Budget Management.


Disaster Recovery for Louisiana Shelter in Homes Program
  • Manage/Coordinate Disaster Recovery work performed in flooded homes.
  • Scheduled contractors to perform work on flooded homes.
    • Oversee work performed by contractors.
    • Oversee Electrical repairs performed by contractors.
    • Oversee HVAC repairs performed by contractors.
    • Oversee Plumbing repairs performed by contractors.
    • Oversee Framing repairs performed by contractors.
    • Oversee Window repairs performed by contractors.
    • Oversee Insulation installation in homes.
    • Oversee Cleaning and Sanitization of homes.
    • Oversee Pest Control of homes.
  • Coordinate delivery of appliances to Home Owner.
  • Manage budgets for each home assigned under Louisiana Shelter in Homes program.
  • Manage all change controls for assigned homes.
  • Coordinate final inspections with State inspectors for complete homes.