Consultant Project Manager

September 30, 2016

1994 – 2008

September 29, 2016


Senior Project Manager

Angus Heaven Ranch


Senior Project Manager

2005 – 2009

Entrepreneur with the drive for success managing numerous endeavors all under the same corporation. This enterprise consisted of managing a registered herd of Black Angus cattle, Managing a medium size Haying operation and managing a Grading, Excavation and Demolition operation.


Grading, Excavation and Demolition
  • Was responsible for bidding, obtaining contracts and overseeing all aspects of Grading, Excavation and Demolition work.
  • Managed two part time employees and 1 full time employee.
  • Managed Grading/excavation sites for new construction.
  • Managed demolition of old barns, houses, and other structures as contracted.
  • Managed disposal of materials from demolition.
  • Managed clearing of land.
  • Managed removal of large beaver dams in rivers, streams ponds on privately owned properties.
  • Managed restoration of timber lands.
  • Managed repairs of pond damns, drains and levies.
  • Managed construction of driveways on private land.
  • Managed the clearing of right of ways, fire breaks and fence lines on private properties.


  • Managed the fertilization, weed control and harvesting of 200 acres of Coastal Bermuda hay.
  • Managed the baling operations which consisted of baling 2000 square bales a year.
  • Managed the baling operations which consisted of baling 1000 round bales a year.
  • Managed the storing of hay harvested for sale.
  • Managed the delivery of hay to customers.
  • Managed the levels of hay needed to feed stock through the winter.
  • Managed clients and annual needs of hay.


  • Managed the breeding and genetics of a registered herd of Black Angus cattle.
  • Managed the feeding schedule of the herd throughout the year.
  • Managed the herd health.
  • Managed calving schedules.
  • Managed sale of cattle to producers.
  • Managed the registrations of all newborn calves.
  • Managed the transfer of registrations to new owners when cattle were sold.
  • Managed the size of the herd maintained based on productive land available for grazing.
  • Managed the grazing schedules for pastures.
  • Managed the types of forages planted for winter grazing.
  • Managed organic fertilization of all grazing land.
  • Managed construction of fences.
  • Managed containment of herd.