President / CEO – 2015 – Current

October 3, 2016


Senior Project Manager – 2016 – Current

DSW Homes


Senior Project Manager

2016 – Current

Senior Veteran Project Manager who has managed projects in both private and public sectors. With recent success managing highly visible projects within the New York Build it back program. Tasked with assignments of problematic homes and getting them back on track for completion.


Disaster Recovery and Construction – State of New York Build it Back Program
  • Manage Recovery efforts for Home Owners effected from Hurricane Sandy.
    • Manage and coordinate all efforts of contractors performing the following work.
      • Lifting/Raising of Houses off their foundations.
      • Demolition of existing foundations.
      • Reconstruction of new foundations. (Poured Concrete, CMU blocks)
      • Lowering houses onto new foundations.
      • Repairing all rotted materials under house (Floor Joists, Rim Boards, Seal Plates, Girders, etc.)
      • Installing new pier systems to support girder systems.
      • Replace windows, stairs, floor systems, tile as needed.
      • Rewire all electrical systems in the house.
      • Reconnect HVAC systems and test.
      • Repair sheetrock damage.
      • Paint interior as needed.
      • Oversee Cleaning and Sanitization of homes.
      • Oversee Pest Control of homes.
    • Review/Approve of contractor invoices.
  • Manage budgets for assigned homes.
  • Manage change controls for assigned homes.
  • Coordinate final inspections with State inspectors for completed homes.
  • Manage project schedules.
  • Manage approvals of expenditures.
  • Track and code all invoices and approve for payment.
  • Manage home owner expectations.
  • Manage site safety and security.
  • Manage/order materials needed to complete various stages of job.
  • Ensure job does not stall and that items needed to complete the job are delivered when needed.
  • Manage daily resource needs.
  • Manage project documentation and reporting.
  • Negotiate rates to perform and complete the jobs.
  • Communicate regularly with all project stakeholders and keep informed as to the progress, issues, etc.
  • Manage direct reports